Stars and Stripes crochet garland free pattern

Stars and Stripes Crochet Garland Free Pattern

Decorate for the 4th of July the DIY way with this patriotic crochet garland!

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Crochet Garlands

Ya’ll know I love to decorate with crocheted items and that I particularly love to use crochet garlands to decorate for the holidays. They are fast and easy to whip up, don’t use much yarn, and they are just so darn fun to make (if i do say so myself)!

Fourth of July crochet garland

If you check out the Garlands section here on the blog, you can see all the garlands I’ve designed over the past year or so. I’ve got Pumpkins for fall, Christmas Trees and Stars for Christmas, Hearts for Valentine’s Day, Shamrocks for St. Paddy’s Day, and even some little Bunny Bums for Easter…but I realized that I didn’t have a whole lot for summer – until now!

The Inspiration

Here in the US, we celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July with fireworks, stars & stripes decorations, and of course lots of red, white, and blue. SO, I used sort of a mishmash of all that and came up with the Stars and Stripes crochet garland that is currently adorning my fireplace. :-p

Red, white and blue Crochet garland

This patriotic bunting is made using 5 stars (I did a combo of some solid color stars and some with contrasting edging) and 4 “stripe bundles” that I think give it a festive fireworks vibe. The stars are made in my usual 2D style, where two flat panels are crocheted, then joined using single crochet and lightly stuffed with polyfil. The “stripes” are just different variations of a row of single crochets – easy peasy!


I used WeCrochet’s Dishie cotton yarn for this project. I don’t often use cotton yarn for my garlands, but I really wanted more of a rustic feel for these stars and I think the cotton yarn adds that. And I also looooooove Dishie yarn and have it in pretty much every color so it was an easy choice (It’s all I use for making crochet kitchen towels)!

crochet garland for summer

It’s a worsted weight (4) yarn, but it runs on the thin side so I chose to hold two strands together to make the stars. If you substitute yarn, you might want to play around with using one strand or holding two together if you’d like your stars to be about the same size as mine (about 3.5 – 4 inches tall). An easy way to do this is to work up a quick 2″ x 2″ single crochet gauge swatch and check your numbers against what I’ve listed in the pattern.

You’ll also need size G and H crochet hooks and a small amount of polyfill or other stuffing material. I used jute twine to string the garland, but instructions are included in the pattern if you want to use yarn.

Let’s make a crochet garland!

Stars and Stripes Crochet Garland Free Pattern

You can grab an ad-free, printable version of the Stars and Stripes Crochet Garland pattern on Etsy and Ravelry!

Stars and Stripes Crochet Garland Free Pattern


Easy – Level 2: this pattern requires working in the round, using a variety of basic stitches, and joining panels together.


  • Yarn:  
    • About 40 yards of worsted weight (4) yarn per star. I used WeCrochet’s Dishie cotton yarn (100% cotton/100g/190yds) in the colors Fiesta Red, Swan and Navy. You’ll need about half a ball of each color to make the garland as shown.
    • You will also need about 30 yards of worsted weight yarn for the garland chain if you want to use yarn to string your garland.
  • Size G (4.00mm) and size H (5.00mm) crochet hooks.
  • Polyfil or other stuffing material.
  • Jute Twine (optional)
  • Scissors, Yarn needle


Each star is about 3.5-4” tall. The finished garland is about 70” long.


7 sts x 6.5 rows = 2” square using single crochet


  • Each star is made of two flat panels that are joined together with sc and lightly stuffed.
  • To make the stars, I held two strands of worsted weight (4) yarn together. Tip: pull one end from the center of the ball and the other end from the outside. 
  • I used WC Dishie which is a very thin worsted weight. If you use a different brand of yarn, your stars may end up a slightly different size. If you substitute yarn, you may want to use only one strand, depending on the thickness of your yarn. Check gauge to help you decide. 
  • I only used one strand of yarn for the spirals and stripes.
  • Pattern written in US terms.
  • Abbreviations:
    • ch = chain
    • dc = double crochet
    • hdc = half double crochet
    • sc =single crochet
    • sl st = slip stitch
    • st =stitch
    • tr = treble crochet


Stars (make 5):

Star Panel (make two panels per star):

Holding two strands of yarn together and using a size H hook, make a Magic Circle.

Round 1: Ch 1 (does not count as a st), 10 hdc in mc, sl st to first hdc to join. Pull mc tight. <10 hdc>

10 hdc in a magic circle

Round 2: Ch 1, sc in same st, *[2 dc, tr, ch 2, sc in the top of the tr you just made (see picture for help), 2 dc] in the next st, sc in next st. Repeat from * four times. Join to first sc with a sl st. Panel complete.

  • Fasten off the 1st panel and weave in ends.
  • Leave the 2nd panel attached to the yarn ball if you want to use the same color for edging. If you would like to use a contrasting color yarn for the edging, fasten off the main color now and attach the contrasting color.
join the two star panels

Star Assembly  

  • Align the two panels with right sides facing out.
  • Ch 1 with yarn that is still attached to the 2nd panel. Being sure to crochet through both panels, sc evenly around to join. To keep the points sharp, work (sc, ch 1, sc) at the tip of each point and work a sl st at each indent.
  • Stop before joining the last point and stuff lightly with polyfill. Continue joining the two panels and sl st to the first sc to finish the round.
  • Fasten off and weave in ends.
Finished star for the summer crochet garland.

Spirals and Stripes 

Use only one strand of yarn and a size G hook for the spirals and stripes.

Large Spiral (make 4) I made mine red.

Ch 35.

Row 1:  2sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch. Tip: Crochet into the back bump of the chain. Do not fasten off. Remove your hook from the loop (pull loop up high so it doesn’t unravel) and cut yarn leaving a 6” tail. Set aside.

large spiral for the crochet garland

Small Spiral (make 4) I made mine blue.

Ch 25.

Repeat Row 1 of the Large Spiral instructions.

small spiral

Stripes (make 4)I made mine white.

Ch 25.

Row 1:  1sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch. Tip: Crochet into the back bump of the chain. Do not fasten off. Remove your hook from the loop (pull loop up high so it doesn’t unravel) and cut yarn leaving a 6” tail.

crochet garland stripe

Spirals and Stripes Bundle Assembly

  • Arrange one of each color spiral/stripe in the order you like and insert your hook into all three loops.
  • Yarn over with all three tails and pull up a loop (not all the way through). You will use this loop to string the bundle onto the garland. Set aside.

Garland Assembly

Option A – twine

  • Cut a 70” length of jute twine.
  • Lay the twine flat and space the stars and stripes bundles evenly along the twine where you would like to place them.
  • Thread a yarn needle with the twine and begin attaching the stars and stripes bundles: 
    • For the stars, pass the needle through the back panel of the star near the top of the top point. 
Use a yarn needle to thread the star on the twine.
  • For the stripes bundles, thread the jute through the loop we left and lay your hook next to the loop.
    • Wrap the tails TWICE around the base of the loop AND the hook. 
    • Then use the hook to pull the tails down through the wraps to secure. Trim the ends short. 

Option B – yarn

  • Ch 250 with your color of choice (one strand). Fasten off.
  • Lay chain out flat and evenly space stars and stripe bundles along the chain.
  • Then, using a small length of corresponding color yarn and a yarn needle, thread through the back side of the stars near the top.
  • Next thread through the chain and tie tightly to secure. Repeat for each star. 
  • Attach stripes bundles as described in Option A. 
Red, White, and Blue crochet garland free pattern

I hope you enjoyed this crochet garland pattern! Tag me on Instagram @theknottednest to share your project! Check out my other Garland patterns on the blog and make one for every season! Or you can find more project ideas and patterns from The Knotted Nest at

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